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User’s Guide

1- Cleaning and Upkeep

Cabinets, doors and countertops:

Use a clean, soft cloth slightly moistened with warm water (just enough to adhere to dust), and dry immediately. For stubborn stains use a clean cloth moistened with mild soap or neutral detergent and water or alcohol and water (both in equal parts), and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. We recommend the use of a colorless silicone-based furniture polish only, because in addition to cleaning, it provides a protective layer. Clean furniture regularly. Over time the dust leaves the surface opaque and non-glossy, and dust may accumulate in fittings, joints or any other space, leaving a dark, unpleasant and difficult to remove appearance.

Do not Use: Dry cloth

Because: In addition to not cleaning, it wears out furniture over time

Do not Use: Colorful furniture polishes or waxes

Because: It may leave residues, causing stains on furniture

Do not Use: Hard, rough sponges and steel wool

Because: They scratch and damage furniture

Do not Use: Dishcloth

Because: It may contain residues

Do not Use: Soaked cloth

Because: The water accumulation causes damage to furniture

Do not Use: Instant cleaners and cleaning products for furnaces or ammonia-based, and powder scouring products

Because: They are chemicals that damage the finish of furniture


For cleaning, use water and neutral detergent directly on a suitable cloth or paper towel.

Do not Use: Dry cloth, steel sponges or other abrasive object

Because: Friction damages glass

Do not Use: Any product sprayed directly onto the glass

Because: It may cause damage to the coverings and accessories if it comes in contact with furniture (splashes)


Use a soft cloth moistened with water only. Dry thoroughly then.

Do not Use: Cleaning products

Because: They can stain and cause damage

Do not Use: Abrasive products or objects

Because: They scratch and cause damage to the material

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel parts should be cleaned with a slightly moistened cloth and mild soap or with degreasers provided that they do not contain chlorine or its derivatives.

Do not Use: Abrasive products or objects

Because: They scratch and cause damage to materials

Do not Use: Accessories with chrome finish in humid environments and coastal regions

Because: They are subject to the occurrence of oxidation

Hinges and Slides:

Use a soft cloth moistened with water only. Dry thoroughly then. Avoid accumulation of dust, grease or moisture on the hinges and slides, as they may impair its proper functioning and/or cause oxidation.

2- Use of Furniture

General Care:

The areas around the sink, oven and skirting board s are more susceptible to moisture and deserve special attention. Immediately dry any liquid spilled on furniture. The sun’s rays should not reflect directly on furniture, as they may change their characteristics and the original color, and should be avoided. When moving your furniture from the place, lift it and do not drag it, as it can cause the furniture feet and skirting boards to break immediately. Do not place excessive weight* on furniture and never lean on doors and drawers as this may cause them to lose adjustment, displace or break. *Check the table of weights and measures. Do not drape damp or wet towels over cabinet doors since moisture can cause permanent damage over time. Use silicone seals to seal the joints of the countertops and sinks with the wall cladding. Check the installations periodically to avoid leaks. Do not support pots, pans, baking trays and other heated utensils on countertops as this can cause damage. Always use supports or something to place hot objects on countertops. Do not use sharp objects directly on the countertops, as the cutting tools may permanently damage the finish of the product. Always use support for protection. Avoid contact of ink (pens in general) on the coverings of the cabinets and countertops, as they may cause stains.

3- Weight

Maximum supported weight (no damage to furniture) for each inner shelf of upper and lower modules:

4- Raw Material

Furniture is manufactured using Panel derived from Wood, and is shipped by the factory without any kind of fungi, termites or plagues in general. However, because it is derived from wood, it can be attacked if it comes into contact with already infected products, materials or places. We recommend that you to fumigate or do termite extermination before installing furniture.


Because it is a raw material that absorbs moisture, furniture should never be exposed to excessive water action.


In order for the Nicioli product to be covered by the warranty, the consumer/customer should take the following precautions:

1. The proper care should be taken when moving your furniture, and with maintenance and cleaning by following the instructions in the User’s Guide.

2. Occurrences such as natural wear and tear resulting from use, failure to observe any information and recommendation in the User’s Guide; external agents: water, sea spray, rust, fire, termites and plagues in general; inappropriate use, excessive heat, excessive light, lack of maintenance or cleaning; projects, transportation, electrical and hydraulic installations, assemblies and disassemblies not carried out by stores authorized for sale of NICIOLI products are not covered by this warranty.

1. Time Limit

The time limit for apparent defects and easy to verify will be ninety (90) days counted from the date of installation. We will provide Technical Assistance up to 5 years after the product is out of line, provided that there is raw material, complying with the provisions in art. 32 of Law 8.078/90. Service for out of line products is provided by special schedule (Check with the factory).

2. Scope

The warranty herein includes the repair or replacement of parts with manufacturing defects, provided that they are verified and certified by the store owner who maintains commercial relations of sale and purchase with Nicioli, especially in the store where the product was purchased. The warranty does not cover the breakage of furniture due to the excess weight.

The design of the installation and the assembly in the residence of the consumer is the responsibility of the store owner/ retailer. Problems arising from electrical or hydraulic installations or caused by the addition of granite, marble or other modules will not be the responsibility of Nicioli.

Final Remarks

This warranty is valid for the time limits indicated herein at stores reselling our furniture, especially that where the product was purchased, upon presentation of this certificate and Invoice. NICIOLI reserves the right to make any modifications in its products that it deems necessary or useful, without adverse effects to the essential characteristics.